The Imbibe Tap Room

Welcome to The Imbibe Tap Room

Opening Spring 2019 in the heart of Blackpool

Imbibe is OPEN

The  Imbibe Taproom, based in the heart of Blackpool, especially for purists of Real Ales and Craft Beers. With a choice of up to 8 Real Ales on the pump, 14 Premium Craft Beers, Lagers, Pale Ales and IPA’s on Tap and a choice of over 50 Bottles and Cans, plus a large choice of Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Rums, Bourbons and many other spirits and Wines.

We also plan to being the largest stockists of Vegan and Gluten Free Beers in the Country.

The Tap Room has a Rustic/Industrial look but giving you a feeling of a warm contemporary bar with good laughter and good background music, Imbibe will be the place to head to.

Starting Saturday 1st of June live music hits the Imbibe then every Saturday night and Sunday Afternoon.

What is Imbibe?


drink (alcohol).

“they were imbibing far too many pitchers of beer”

synonyms: drink, consume, sup, sip, quaff, swallow, down, guzzle, gulp (down), swill, lap, slurp; informal: swig, knock back, sink; informal: neck; informal: chug

“he was flushed from the Scotch he’d imbibed”

drink alcohol, drink, take strong drink, indulge, tipple, swill;

informal: booze, hit the bottle, take to the bottle, knock a few back, wet one’s whistle;

informal: bevvy;

informal: bend one’s elbow;

archaic: wassail, tope

“he had imbibed too liberally”

Here at Imbibe we are a caring bunch and we’d like to like to alleviate you of your ‘Cenosillica’ phobia

Live Music

With Live Music planned for every Saturday night, we are on the lookout for talented musicians – solos and duos.

Call or email us to apply.